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    Google exploring wireless charging for self-driving cars

    Victor Fontaine

      "Self driving cars are poised to be an incredible tool of the future, but they won't be much use if they can't hold a charge. It looks like Google wants to solve this problem via resonant magnetic induction, a form of wireless charging that could use manhole-style transmitters embedded in pavement to juice up driverless vehicles, IEEE spectrum report."




      "The idea is that self-driving vehicles would hover over a charging pad for a few minutes to power up, or pass over a series of transmitters as the car is in motion, scoring a nearly constant charge."

      "Wireless charging solves a few problems for the makers of self-driving people-movers. An efficient system would allow Google and other manufacturers to use smaller, lighter batteries than the ones in current electric vehicles, slashing the cars' overall price. Plus, accessible wireless charging removes a barrier to traveling for children, the elderly and people with certain disabilities, IEEE notes."