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    What a Worldwide Subway System Would Be Like ?

    Victor Fontaine

      A team of designers, Cid and his partners, created a map gathering all the subways in the world.

      "The team began this process years ago by collecting subway systems from around the world and redrawing them in Illustrator. If you look closely you can see the design of individual city systems tangling with each other, arranged in a loose chronological order. The oldest subways (Newcastle, England, New York City, and Paris, for example) are in the middle; while the newer subways (many in the former Soviet Union) are along the periphery."



      "Cid’s team created imaginary transfer points that could only exist in dreams. Instead of hopping off the 1,2,3 train at Houston St., you can choose between transferring to a Sao Paolo line or heading straight to Paris. “People can say ok I want to travel to Sao Paulo Brazil, so I can just go to Paris and then transfer to South Africa and then eventually get to where I’m going,” he says."




      This map draw a world where mobility become easy. It is an interesting work that has been done on this map and it raises the issue of worldwide mobility and exchanges. How people will travel around the world in 20, 30 years ?