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    A CBD goes ecomobile

    Quentin Elixander

      Johannesburg's Sandton Central Business District (CBD) attracts 125,000 commuters every day, with 75,000 cars entering the area every morning. People are annoyed by congestion during rush hours and air pollution; the City is concerned about CO2 emissions since it has joined other global cities in addressing climate change through local climate policies.


      "Change the way you move" was the motto under which Johannesburg called upon its citizens to leave their cars at home and use public transport, cycle and walk to work. Framed as EcoMobility World Festival, Johannesburg ran a month-long campaign, closed off streets, changed traffic flows, improved public transport services and offered wider sidewalks and bike lanes for commuters to change the way they move. The documentary film tells the story of the ecomobility month in Johannesburg from idea to planning to implementation to legacies.


      What do you think about this initiative ?


      "You are not in the traffic, you are the traffic" said Parks Tau (Executive Mayor, city of Johannesburg)
      What's your opinion about that ?