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    BMW's Vision Next 100 Concept

    Anthony Le Bleis

      BMW unveiled the concept BMW VISION NEXT 100. The new futuristic concept was designed to anticipate and respond to people’s future mobility needs.


      The Vision Next 100 is the first in what BMW chairman, Harald Kruger, says is a series of four similarly-themed concept cars under construction at BMW brands Mini, Rolls-Royce and its motorcycle operation and planned to be unveiled during its centennial year. It showcases new construction and design techniques, as well as digital based interaction methods and autonomous driving technology that is already under development for inclusion on future BMW models.


      What do you think of it? Good news, there is still a steering wheel



      bmw1009.jpg bmw1006.jpg


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          Didier Rougeyron

          Anthony Le Bleis what do you mean by "steering wheel" ? Hum it's more like a joystick for video game! For my part I note that instead of wood and leather, there are more sustainable materials, including recyclable mono-materials. Even luxury becomes renewable


          No kidding it’s a beautiful concept. Still science fiction? According to the manufacturer this concept car announced BMW of year... 2116. We are thus going to begin to save up for our children's children.