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    Third-Annual Connected Mobility Showcase on March 12

    Victor Fontaine

      The C3 Group will host its third-annual Connected Mobility Showcase on Saturday, March 12, in Austin at The Garage Bar. This showcase will included ride-sharing services, IoT technology, traffic and parking data aggregation, camera-based safety system for city buses and alternative modes of personal transport such as e-bikes.

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      Thought leaders from automotive and technology will discuss a variety of topics onstage, including:

      •     The Intersection of Connected Mobility and Smart Cities
      •     Using Data to Tackle Urban Traffic
      •     Reducing Pedestrian-Bus Accidents Using Technology

      Participants in the 2016 C3 Connected Mobility Showcase

      • Announcement by Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx of the five finalists for the U.S. DOT’s Smart City Challenge
      • Various mayors representing the cities competing in the DOT’s Smart City Challenge
      • Austin Mayor Stephen Adler, who will be hosting 20 members of the U.S. Conference of Mayors during SXSW.
      • NXP’s three-story IOT Truck
      • Ford’s Smart Mobility experiments
      • Mobileye Shield+ technology
      • Bosch’s smart city technology and e-bikes
      • INRIX’s smart parking and traffic technology
      • Hyundai’s latest Genesis G90 model


      Does someone knew about this showroom and all the new solutions that will be presented ? It seems to be an interesting event.