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    Who really needs a taxi?

    Didier Rougeyron
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      It's a fact, in France in particular, in the suburbs, the small cities, and the country we need taxis. The number of trips will not stop growing: the permanent traffic, the stress, the cost of personal cars, the pollution that has cities pleading for a less motor-obsessed society. And a large part of the population, nowadays largely ignored by taxis, could constitute a loyal, profitable clientele. It consists of people who don't own a car, or who don't wish to use them.


      They are much more numerous than we generally think and not only in Paris. In the heart of Ile-de-France, more than half of the homes do not own a personal car: 30% in Val-de-Marne , 33% in Hauts-de-Seine , 37% in Seine-Saint-Denis.


      In all the French cities, between 20% and 30% of the population is in the same situation.


      So, Uber and taxis have a role to play but for now, they are busy squabbling…


      What do you think ? Do you often use taxis and carsharing services in your city? Do you believe the competition is beneficial?




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