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    These are the futuristic cars of Roborace, the world's first driverless racing series

    Quentin Elixander

      Roborace will be the world's first driverless racing series when it debuts either later this year or early next year, but the organizers have finally unveiled what its custom-made electric cars will look like. The four-wheeled autonomous vehicles appear to be covered in sensors and look aerodynamic, with bodywork that covers up all the internals and massive openings around each axle.


      We learned in February that Roborace hired Daniel Simon, the man who designed the light cycles in Tron: Legacy, to design these cars.


      The founders say that the first Roborace "shows" are still on schedule to take place during the 2016/17 Formula E season, though exactly when is still unknown. The release goes on to say that Roborace will feature "disruptive and innovative new formats showcasing safety and extreme driving capabilities."