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    Ford Adds Carbon Capture To EV Experience

    Quentin Elixander

      Ford has been integrating sustainable materials to the EV experience, and the company has just announced that carbon capture will be the latest addition to its roster, via foam and plastic parts sourced from reclaimed carbon dioxide.


      Ford is nowhere near competing with Tesla in terms of free publicity and tribal identification — nor is any other automaker — but the focus on sustainable materials provides Ford with a marketing hook that expands the planet-saving aspect of the EV experience.

      Ford EV carbon capture

      Carbon Capture & The EV Experience


      Ford plans to transition its seating and underhood foam and plastic parts to materials made with reclaimed carbon dioxide, following a test period to ensure that the new materials stand up to the rigors of automotive use. The company anticipates crossover within the next 5 years.


      The foam would not consist of 100% carbon dioxide. Ford is looking for materials that hit the 50% mark, at most. However, even at that level, Ford anticipates that the new foam would replace 600 million pounds of petroleum yearly.


      The sustainability angle is part and parcel of the EV experience, and in its press materials Ford also notes that everyone who drives any of its US vehicles will experience it, too — whether they know it or not:


      In North America, soy foam is in every Ford vehicle. Coconut fiber backs trunk liners; recycled tires and soy are in mirror gaskets; recycled T-shirts and denim go into carpeting; and recycled plastic bottles become REPREVE fabric used in the 2016 F-150.