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    Peugeot's new electric scooter

    Victor Fontaine

      Peugeot and Micro Mobility are developing a new kind of scooter : an electric scooter that can fit into the 3008's trunk. Why that ?


      "The whole idea is to leave your car into a parking lot and use the e-Kick for your urban commute as a way to protect the environment."

      " The e-Kick will be available as an option to customers of the new Peugeot 3008 which features a specially designed dockstation in its luggage compartment, not only for perfect integration but as a charging point for the scooter’s battery pack. "

      eKick02.jpg        eKick03.jpg

      This is a perfect exemple of soft mobility that is integrated in the day to day transport habits. Do you think it will work ?


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