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    Save the date : So Mobility

    Victor Fontaine

      The City of Issy-les-Moulineaux is organizing on next June 14 a one-day event on how digital technologies can ease and improve urban travelling.

      The event aims at bringing an operational and pragmatic vision of the Smart City by answering to several questions: are daily life issues possible to be solved thanks to this new concept bringing collective intelligence at the service of the City? Among these issues, is it possible to spend less time using transports or stuck in traffic congestion?

      The conference will be structured in several strong times of debates with roundtables on: the impact of Big Data in reducing traffic congestion, the use of Smartphone to facilitate parking, myths and facts on multimodal information and urban travels in the City of the future.

      Here is a french presentation of So Mobility :

      Source : How to shape urban travels: "Smart Mobility 2016 #Hackthetraffic!" | Issy.com