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    Euro 2016 - what about transport ?

    Victor Fontaine

      As you probably all know, the Euro 2016 has began in France the 10th of June. This is one of the most attended and exciting events !


      "But football means also a mass social impact and as a consequence a mass environmental impact! Have a look at the post, Sport and Sustainability so to understand what Conscious-Ness wants to make you realize about sustainability through sport.

      Fortunately, the UEFA has taken these issues into considerations and as being friends with the Sustainable Development Manager of the UEFA, Conscious-Ness knows that sustainability has been taken into account at every step when planning the event."

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      What are the solutions :

      "PUBLIC TRANSPORT AND MOBILITY have been planned with an efficient public transport system put in place, aspects of eco-mobility involved and the consideration of air quality, energy and environmental impact.

      Furthermore, an UEFA EURO 2016 eco-calculator has been created in order to enable fans to find out how their journeys to the tournament will contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and to encourage them to offset their emissions. Five double-passes for the final are to win, so offset your travel!"

      And to insurance transport efficiency, a website has been created : Transport Euro 2016 . For each city that home games, you will find informations about transport, accommodation etc. A VTC service has been implement for the event has well !

      Even volkswagen, Kia and Hyundai try to benefit from the Euro by doing partnerships.

      Sources : EURO2016, greener than ever! | Conscious-ness

      Transport Euro 2016