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    See an F1 race through the eyes of the driver and witness his near-superhuman réactions

    Didier Rougeyron

      Sky Sports F1 put a pair of eye-tracking glasses on Sahara Force India driver Nico Hülkenberg to find out how he uses his near-superhuman reaction speeds to shave milliseconds off his lap time.

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      Now we know exactly what an F1 driver is looking at as they hurtle around racetracks at speeds upwards of 200mph/Credit Sky Sports F1/YouTube


      Five infrared cameras mounted on the frame of the glasses tracked the exact position of Hülkenberg's eyes and relayed that information to a forward-facing camera which helped create the first, real-time view of an F1 driver's actual sight.

      Visual signals are quicker than auditory ones, but Hülkenberg's super-quick response times suggest he has fine-tuned his brain to respond to signals in next-to-no time at all. In other words, logically, the more we make a task, the more efficient we are... And vice versa.


      Do you think the arrival of autonomous cars will blunt our ability to drive, to have the good reflexes if we would take the wheel?