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    Dar es Salaam earns the 2018 Sustainable Transit global Award

    Jerry Rawlings Mbabali


      The first phase of a new bus-rapid system in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania which serves 160,000 passengers daily.

      One year after Dar es Salaam became East Africa’s first city to implement a bus-rapid transit system, the Tanzanian capital has been awarded a major transportation prize.

      Dar es Salaam, a city of five million, is one of the fastest growing cities in the world, a major economic hub in East Africa and a major port city on the Indian Ocean. With support from the World Bank, city officials launched the local bus-rapid transit system, known as DART, in May 2016.

      Bus-rapid transit, or BRT, is a form of mass transit that uses buses to move passengers in a fashion similar to metro or light-rail systems. The Bus-rapid transit system has its own dedicated road lanes so that buses don’t get stuck in traffic, as well as stations where passengers can pay their fare before getting on board.

      A pictorial view of how the public bus system operates in Dar es Salaam

      Dar es Salaam's first phase of BRT spans 21 km (13 miles) of trunk route and serves an average of 160,000 passengers per day with a fleet of 140 buses. By the middle of next year, when the first phase becomes fully operational with over 300 buses, the system is projected to carry an estimated 400,000 passengers per day.

      DART has reduced commute times by more than half for some residents, who previously faced upwards of four hours stuck in traffic every day.         At stations with passing lanes, some of the existing bus fleets can provide express service to key destinations, saving even more time.

      This award is given annually by the Institute for Transport and Development Policy, a global non-profit advocacy organization and host of the conference. As the winning city, Dar es Salaam will also host world transportation experts for next year’s Mobilize conference.

      Source: www.brt.com

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