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    Africa’s first smart vehicle parking launched in Ethiopia’s capital

    Jerry Rawlings Mbabali

      A steel smart parking building in Ethiopia


      A steel storey building facility that can at once hold 90 cars in a space which could originally hold nine cars. This is Africa’s first smart parking facility located in one of the continent’s fastest growing cities, Addis Ababa in Ethiopia.

      Electronic lifts pick cars from the ground and embed them within a structure that is believed to have cost $2.2m – or 52 million birr.

      It is a continental first, a facility meant to ease vehicle parking and to keep with global trends in the area of vehicle safety.

      The simple steps in using the facility involve payment via credit card system then one’s car is placed on the automatic bed lift and then taken up for parking. The charge for each hour is less than 2 US cents.


      A vehicle being lifted upwards by the automatic bed into a free spot within the steel smart parking building


      The ground area around the facility can also take 120 cars at full capacity. An official of the Addis Ababa transport bureau allays fears of possible accidents as cars are lifted to be parked within the facility. “We have confidence in the system, there may be uncertainty but this system has a high level of certainty. It also has a high level of safety features. It is unimaginable that cars may fall or flip. “Even if there is an earthquake, this is a steel structure, it is much safer than concrete,” he assured.


      Captions: The transport minister commissioning the facility and below showing how it operates.


      Patrons of the facility are happy that the already congested roads in the Ethiopian capital will be safe for drivers and also that their vehicles can enjoy full security.

      “The number of vehicles is increasing and so is demand for parking. On our master plan, we have selected 60 places to construct smart and concreted parking systems.

      “There are several smart parking systems being built in Addis at the moment similar to what you have seen. Some even have a capacity of parking about one thousand five hundred cars at a time,” the official further disclosed.

      The newly built smart car parking in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa, has begun trial operation. The car parking building was built at an outlay of million Birr and it is located in the neighbourhood commonly known as Megenagna.The parking building is 15 stories and lays on 170 square meters of land. It has the capacity to accommodate a total of 140 cars at once, out of which 50 will be on the ground floor.

      According to Transport Program Coordination Office of Addis Ababa City, the smart car parking will go operational in few days. The parking would create job opportunities for 20 people, the Office furthered.

      The Officer also noted there would be 60 smart car parking that will be built in the capital city. Construction at 3 sites, Anwar Mosque, Churchill road and Wello Sefer, had already started.

      For a full illustration of how the smart parking works, please watch the video have posted along.

      Source: CGTN and Ethiopian Transport Ministry


      Would smart parking be the ultimate solution for lack of space in urban transport areas in African?



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