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    Will the Ugandan SGS inspection ever become mandatory?

    laurence Ullmann



      While Uganda has signed a contract with SGS for vehicle safety and environmental stan,dards compliance, it is unclear as to when it will take effect and become mandatory.




      Can anyone shed light on this issue?

      Jerry Rawlings MbabaliJoseph Semuju



      Alors que l'Ouganda a signé un contrat avec SGS pour faire des inspections règlementaires sur la conformité  sécuritaire et environnementale des véhicules, la date de mise en oeuvre obligatoire et effective reste floue


      Quelqu'un peut-il éclairer cette question?

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          Joseph Semuju

          laurence Ullmann It is already Mandatory here in Uganda. Below is the statement that was issued last year.



          The Ministry of Works and Transport wishes to inform the general public that mandatory and periodic motor vehicle inspection of all vehicles including Government Owned vehicles will commence on Monday, 28th November 2016 at Kawanda Motor Vehicle Inspection Station operated and managed by SGS Automotive Uganda Ltd. Owners and/or drivers of Public Service Vehicles (PSVs) including boda-bodas, PMOs, Trucks, OTVS, Rental Taxis, Tourist vehicles and Goods vehicles licensed by Transport Licensing Board shall be required to have their vehicles inspected at Kawanda Vehicle Inspection Station before processing of their respective licences.


          The general public is further informed that enhanced sensitization about motor vehicle inspection has commenced and the Ministry in conjunction with SGS Automotive Uganda will continue to engage the general public on the requirements for inspection. For more information please type SAFEDRIVE, leave a space, your question and send to 7575.


          Source: SGS Automotive Uganda - NEWS AND EVENTS


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            Jerry Rawlings Mbabali

            The Speaker of the Ugandan Parliament suspended the inspection deadline due to various factors presented by different members of Parliament which included;

            • The high inspection fee charges which were unrealistic to the common Ugandan
            • Unrealistic deadlines set by the SGS Company and yet there are few inspection areas (facilities) in the country as compared to the many vehicles in Uganda.
            • The numerous SGS media announcements running about the deadline which was causing panic among the public with threats of arrests if found not to have undergone the inspection process.
            • Among other reasons that made the Speaker suspend the deadline was, a view of Honorable James Kakooza who also weighed in saying, that the same company SGS was contracted by government to foresee the shipment of commodities to the country and that 80% of goods shipped in turned out to be substandard and that the company was suspended.

                        “How can we contract the same company and moreover without any time limit for the      

                         country to build her own capacity to carry out the inspection, how long are we going to       

                         enrich these people, why do we need the same people.” said Kazoora.


            The motor vehicle inspection was once in Uganda in the late 1990s but was stopped due to unknown reasons but was re-introduced in 2016 by the Ministry of Works and Transport.

            To conclude, the SGS mandatory motor vehicle inspection is still on although the deadline is to be revised by the Parliament of Uganda after the above-mentioned factors are resolved by the SGS company together with the Government.


            laurence Ullmann



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