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    Egypt’s “HI-TECH Company” in for Commercial Vehicles Services and Maintenance

    Joseph Semuju


      Hi Tech Co. is a company working in the field of maintenance, repairs and renewal of cars and vehicles of various kinds. They have the experience and knowledge of what it takes to become one of those major companies operating in the field of maintenance, repair and renewal of cars and vehicles of all kinds. Whereby:

      1. Hi Tech Co. entails a group of engineers and technicians who have distinguished previous experience also in Manufacturing Commercial Vehicles (MCV) Company, giving weight to the company, in addition to its scientific and practical experience in the field of maintenance, repair, and renovation of private cars and Mercedes cars.

      2. It works in all aspects of mechanics, electricity, air conditioning, body & fiber repair, painting & batteries repair, works of the general turning & lathing drums, and riveting brake linings among other services.

      3. It has advanced devices used to discover and diagnose Mercedes vehicles faults. It owns the latest diagnosis of the malfunction device (STAR) in addition to the newest devices for wheel alignment and wheel balance for passenger cars, buses, trucks and trailers kinds.

      4. It caters for maintenance and trailer repairs (brake caps - reform of the air circuit - renewal funds and tippers) with the provision of spare parts and all other necessary services.

      5. It also operates in the field of motor vehicle accidents by insurers, repair, and regeneration. Hi Tech company is registered and accredited by the Misr insurance company and it has a permanent staff at the insurance company to facilitate the completion of all proceedings.

      6. It supplies spare parts for all models of cars, buses, trucks, and trailers.

      7. It gives guarantees on the parts being installed by the company.

      8. It owns car crochets strolling any malfunction in any place (connects you to wherever you are)  with the possibility of complete periodic maintenance work place of the client according to his request to take into account the operating conditions of his car.

      9. The company owns financial management at the highest level of expertise.

      10. It uses a registration system on crashes and car repairs where all the data and tax bills are delivered to the customer electronically.

      11. It has three excellent sites. In the heart of the third industrial zone 6 of October city, the second location in the heart of greater Cairo ring road after the direction of al qanater, the third site in the heart of aboroash industrial area.


      Vision of the Company

      Hi Tech Company aspires to serve the commercial vehicles and to be one of the best and largest service centers in Egypt.


      Goals of the Company

      Be the expectations of their customers to always provide preferred and professional services in the areas of maintenance, repair, and supplier of spare parts for commercial vehicles and bus parts at the lowest cost with highest quality in the fastest time.

      Give efforts in the field of professional service of commercial vehicles in terms of quality, precision and timing. And provide appropriate prices that satisfy customers' wishes to prevent him from finding alternatives.

      Preparation and assessment studies to determine the extent of customer satisfaction with the services provided by Hi Tech Co.



      The company works in all aspects of maintenance & mechanics, electricity, air conditioning, body repair, fiber repair, painting and implementation of logos and renewal of all types of passenger cars, mini buses, buses, trucks, trailers and cooled trailers. Services such as general/drums turning, riveting, brake linings, battery repairs. Hi Tech has advanced devices which helps to discover and diagnose all Mercedes vehicle faults using the latest diagnosis device (STAR) in addition to the newest devices for wheel alignment and wheel balance for passenger cars, buses, trucks and trailers kinds.


      Hi Tech Company is honored to be providing commercial vehicles services to public and private sector companies in the field of automobile maintenance and spare parts supply as listed below:

      Union air company; Nestle SA Egypt; Universal company; Coca-Cola company; Juhayna company; Shipsey company; Egyptian starch and glucose; Misr university for science; The institution of today's news; Al Amin for the manufacture of pipes and plastic products; 11. Al-Ahram Canadian university; Hassan Mohamed allam (Nasr general contracting); Kimi company art chemical; Valley of the kings for grinding; Sedco medicines; Bank of Egypt; Egyptian British chemical company; Egypt company trade (Haggag); University October 6; Modern vision schools; Global choueifat schools; Tahir tourist transport; National security sector; Brimku readymix; Alshreq of Trade and distribution; Engineering foundation electrical industries (Egitravo); National food industries Co; Medco company plust; Senurita food light; Sweet sham company; Concord concrete company; Egyptian international company for grinding; New Cairo poultry Co.; Uni mix concrete company; Aman and safety Co.; Ward transport company (Bin laden); Ice man Co.

      Hi Tech Co. Special Offers

      On the occasion of opening up the second branch in 6 October city, Hi Tech were pleased to announce a 10% discount for 3 months in addition to free screening of Mercedes cars, changing all types of oils for all types of auto-motives, jumbos, tanks, buses and minibuses for free, and also pleased to start providing reports on the client's auto-motives examinations, repairs, and recommendations.


      Could the rest of the regions in Africa adopt such automotive maintenance organisations from Egypt???

      Source: Hi Tech Co. For Commercial Vehicle Service


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