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    Taxify, a Global Transportation Network for all... Now in Africa

    Joseph Semuju


      Taxify started in August 2013 and managed to explore the foreign shores in 2014.

      Ever since its founding, Taxify has raised over €2 million in investments from various investors and well-wishers.

      As of March 2017, Taxify operates in 18 countries and 25 cities in Europe, Western Asia, “AFRICA” and Mexico.

      It is an international transportation network company with its headquarters found in Tallinn, Estonia.

      Taxify was founded by Markus Villig at an early age of 19 in 2013, with a vision to aggregate all Tallinn and Riga taxis into one platform.


      A bit of the Taxify Achievements.

      1. 1.    Taxify was the first transportation app in the world which allows customers to pay for their trip via mobile carrier billing.
      2. 2.    Became #2 app in South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria in 2017.
      3. 3.    Reached 1 (one) Million  customers and over.


      One can try Taxify as below.


      The initiative operates the Taxify app. This app enables people to request a ride-hailing from their smartphones.

      Taxify application is available for Android, IOS and Windows Phone. Riders must download Taxify app on to their smartphones from Apple Store, Google Play or Windows Store.


      Rider need to choose a payment method. This could be: cash, credit card or mobile carrier billing before he/ she can start to use service.

      Once the rider has confirmed the pick-up location, requested a ride and the driver has accepted, the rider can see the driver’s name and car details. After the ride is finished both driver and rider can rate each other for marketing and referral purposes.



      Taxify has stressed the importance of safety for its customers. All drivers undergo a criminal background check and in-person training.

      Drivers are also required to be at least 21 years old and have had a driver's license for at least 3 years.

      And finally the major one is having a zero-tolerance policy against alcohol and drug use.


      The Market Brawl.


      Of recent there are rumors Taxify is looking up to taking over Uber. Want to know how they plan to do this? Follow/Click the source below. The lets share to see if it is really applicable and realizable.

      Source: https://www.voanews.com/a/estonia-taxify-challenge-uber/3904403.html


      In your own Opinion,

      How does Taxify compare to Uber? Can Taxify take over Uber?

      Isn’t Taxify a great travel partner that needs to be embraced 24/7?


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