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    Ethiopian Airlines at it again,  introduces a modern 350 Seater Air Craft on its Entebbe route

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      With the ongoing $300m dollar (1 Trillion shilling) expansion drive on Entebbe International Airport as a regional commercial hub, yesterday on the 14th of November, 2017 witnessed a fresh boost from Ethiopian Airlines for the 350 modern seater Air Craft for its Entebbe International Airport route.


      Ethiopian Airlines, now operating flights in and out of Entebbe daily has introduced a 350 passenger seater modern aircraft, which will offer travelers a combined 20 ton cargo space.


      Ethiopian Airlines Country Manager, Abebe Angessasay, has assured that passengers will have no major changes on their ticketing costs, as the new modern planes are saving unto 20% on their fuel expenditure.



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      How big are the cargo spaces of your different country international Airports in the different regions of Africa?


      What do you think of such a boost in/with the China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) impacts on the African transport infrastructures?


      Could you in particular or anyone you know have experienced the services? If yes, how do they compare to other Airlines in the African region?



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      Source2: Ethiopian Airline | Book Flights


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