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    Serari Security Kit (SSK), the Y4PT (Youth for Public Transport) success, an initiative of the UITP (Union Internationale des Transports Publics)

    Joseph Semuju


      The SSK (Serari Security Kit) Kit system.

      The Serari Security kit is a handheld kit that has three target sensors for Carbon-monoxide, Sulphur-dioxide and Nitrogen-dioxide. It comprises an LCD screen that is used to display the results of the tests in real-time.


      We must be knowing what security means as an English word but what is the meaning of "SERARI"?

      The word Serari is derived from a Nigerian dialect meaning Space. In other words, the idea focuses on providing a solution that will safe guard the environment from a specific form of damage arising from what automobiles emit into the space.


      Serari Security Kit (SSK) Solution Background

      One of the biggest sources of emissions is the transportation industry. Automobiles using internal combustion engines burn fossil fuels to generate power and these engines emit NOx, CO and unburnt hydrocarbons (UHCs). These pollutants are harmful to human health with about 3.3 million premature deaths recorded in 2010 due to outdoor pollution and in presence of sunlight, these substances result information of O3 at ground level.


      Air pollution is contamination of the indoor or outdoor environment by any mechanical, chemical, physical, or biological agent that modifies the natural characteristics of the atmosphere (WHO, 2013).


      It is believed that today, air pollution is one of the major environmental concerns on a global scale yet it has got an ominous threat to the environment, human health and welfare. Rapid industrialization and urbanization of the world has resulted in uncontrolled, large amounts of noxious emissions into the atmosphere and the problem is becoming worse in developing countries.


      Prevention of emission of these pollutants is indeed crucial, by pre-combustion as well as post-combustion techniques. Transportation in today’s world is the most inevitable part of daily life, thus eliminating fuel combustion completely is not a viable solution, making post-combustion technique most effective. From this research Isaac and Julius (Ugandan Innovators) decided to prototype an on-point automotive portable fume detector called “SSK (Serari Security Kit)”.


      The portable kit uses optics principles based on laser diodes and basic electronics whose results are interfaced on a smart phone using an application to act as a monitor. Using this kit traffic officers can carry out on-point emission detection by placing the diode sensor pack at the car exhaust pipe outlet.


      Such measures have proved to work and solve most of the traffic problems like the gun used on over speed and of course the alcohol detector. Imagine a hand-held device just big enough to check the standard of your automotive and without calling for the distance to inspection plants and routine costs?


      How the SSK Tool Kit is applied in real life?


      It’s very simple, the machine has a sensor cap that is projected onto outlet of an exhaust pipe to pick signals of the pollutant gases. These signals are then transferred to the processing unit which interprets and sends digital data onto the LCD screen with corresponding information of the concentrations.


      The concentrations are above or below if they are not within 1.7 grams/mile for Carbon monoxide, 0.2 grams/mile of nitrogen dioxide and 20 μg/m3 of Sulphur dioxide if it is for light vehicles.

      For the heavy ones, it’s 2.5 grams/mile of Carbon monoxide, 5.0grams/mile of Sulphur dioxide and 20 μg/m3 of Sulphur dioxide.


      About the Innovators.


      As illustrated in the above photos, Isaac is a final year student of Agricultural Engineering at Makerere University while Julius currently works as lecturing Assistant at the College of Health Sciences and a research Collaborator with the Oxford University respectively. Isaac and Julius are both residents of Mbuya-Kinawataka and it’s their struggle against pollution in the area that forced them into inventing the Serari Security Kit (SSK).


      This is how the Serari Security Kit (SSK) idea was brought to life?

      The innovators carried out a research to get supporting information about the state of pollution in Uganda and it all started with the existing publications and literature.


      It was found out that the NEMA (National Environment Management Authority) standards which stipulate that emissions from Cars should be below 1.7grams/mile for Carbon monoxide, 0.2 grams/mile for nitrogen dioxide and 20 μg/m3 for Sulphurdioxide. However, their own findings reveal that most of the imported used Cars emit gasses beyond that level.


      It was also found out that the costs incurred by the World Bank as a means of mitigating environmental pollution keep on rising each year since the initial findings from their 2013 report that stated it at USD. 225 billions.


      One of the saddest findings revealed that air pollution contributes to 11 percent of the global deaths, a percentage greater than the death caused by HIV, Tuberculosis and road accidents all combined.


      Then after the research, this is how relevant the Serari Security Kit (SSK) idea is towards the problem?

      Such a problem needs an urgent solution which could be accepted within our country and a lot more affordable given the fact that Uganda is a low and middle-income country. We just need something that could not stop people from using their automobiles but instead provide a routine measure for monitoring their emissions. We cannot stop factories from manufacturing but we needed something that could check the state of fumes from most of the from most activities that are harming the environment in silence.


      This is how the innovators got to Montreal UITP competitions?


      After the development of their own prototype, they found out that the International Organization for Public Transport (UITP) was hosting the first ever public transport innovation competition in Montreal-Canada.


      These were to be held in a series of preliminaries organized in different cities around the world. Africa’s competitions were held in only two Cities, Kampala, Uganda and Cape Town, South Africa to produce two finalists that were to represent the continent at the grand finale in Canada.


      In Uganda particularly, Fund Africa Inc. was delegated to by UITP to organize the competitions. Anyone from Africa was free to submit their projects and there were over four countries with 23 projects. Isaac, Julius with the Serari Security Kit (SSK) emerged overall winners after being selected by a panel of judges and were rewarded with a fully paid trip to Canada funded by the Youth for Public Transport (Y4PT).



      Let’s Think, Share, Comment, Like, and Discuss as below...

      How are the innovators in your African country thinking about air pollution? Which direction are they taking to combat the air pollution problem? And what is the impact of the Y4PT (Youth for Public Transport) movement by the International Organization for Public Transport (UITP) on/in your own country/region?


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