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    “Ministry of Works and Transport”, “Bridges to Prosperity” in partnership to construct 10 cable footbridges across Uganda.

    Joseph Semuju

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      The Minister of Works and Transport, Monica Azuba Ntege, commissioned the first ever suspended cable foot bridge in Uganda on December 12, 2017, on Namatala River which connects Bufumbo sub-county in Mbale district to Bunyafu sub-county in Sironko district.


      The cable footbridge was constructed by a nongovernmental organisation, Bridge to Prosperity from the US, in partnership with the Ministry of Works and Transport.


      The cable footbridge program with Bridges to Prosperity, aims at improving connectivity in the hilly areas of the eastern region.


      The government of Uganda is develop policies and standards for footbridge construction.


      The minister still went ahead to commission programs for the construction of 10 more other cable footbridges across the country, approving that the Government earmarked funds to facilitate the construction works.


      This construction of the cable footbridges was and is indeed in line with the Ministry of Works and Transport mandate of providing reliable and safe works and transport infrastructure and services in the different communities of Uganda.


      Bridges to Prosperity did enter a partnership with the government of Uganda through the Ministry of Works and Transport to construct 10 such bridges across the country.


      The organisation agreed to construct the first one (not part of the 10), as a demonstration training of trainers at Kama footbridge.


      It is learnt that Bridges to Prosperity and the Ministry of Works and Transport, Uganda, would share equally the costs of construction.


      The commissioned cable footbridge cost Uganda Shs 250 million and it is believed to be cheaper and more environmentally friendly compared to the conventional bridges.


      Azuba said the funds for the five-year program were available in the medium term expenditure framework and assured Bridges to Prosperity that the Government was determined to meet its obligation.


      Indeed it good work done by Bridges to Prosperity for the construction of the cable footbridge as part of technology and knowledge transfer to the Ministry of Works and Transport technical staff and Uganda at large.


      Such infrastructures in the name of cable footbridges will also boost tourism in mountainous regions of Uganda and the rest of East Africa if relatively adopted across the region.


      It is indeed a great collaboration with the Ministry of Works and Transport to set up the infrastructure that will improve connectivity among rural people in these hard to reach areas.


      The current wooden bridge on Namatala River has been unsafe and I learnt that about 17 people, mainly school children, lost their lives in the recent rain season.


      With the introduction of the cable footbridge, I believe death at this particular river is to stop or become minimal, and the communities of Bumadibira and Bukonde sub-counties will have safe pedestrian access across the river.


      Do you have mountainous areas and cross over rivers in your African home country? If yes, how is the mode of transport in such areas?


      Source1: https://www.newvision.co.ug/new_vision/news/1467717/elgon-region-cable-footbridge


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