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    Y4PT Uganda Transport Hackathon – Season 2 > 2018

    Jerry Rawlings Mbabali

      Winners of the 2nd Edition of the Youth for Public Transport Uganda Transport Hackathon


      Executive summary - ( résumé )
      Y4PT Uganda Transport Hackathon - Saison 2> 2018
      Thème: «Utiliser la technologie pour amener le secteur des transports vers la durabilité.
      Après l'édition réussie du # 1 Y4PTUg Transport Hackathon en 2016, l'Ouganda a été honoré d'être l'un des pays du monde à accueillir la 2ème édition du Hackathon des "Jeunes pour le Transport Public" (Youth4PublicTransort) en Ouganda.


      Theme: ‘Using Technology to advance the transport sector towards sustainability.


      After the successful edition of the 1st #Y4PTUg Transport Hackathon in 2016, Uganda was graced to be one of the countries around the world to host the 2nd Edition of the Youth for Public Transport Uganda Transport Hackathon.                                                                                               

      The Transport hackathon is under the Youth For Public Transport (Y4PT) Foundation, with the support of the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) its members, implemented by Fund Africa Inc. in support of other partners like African Mobilities Observatory (AMO).


      14 teams registered for this year's Y4PTUg Transport Hackathon.

      To participate, one registered as an Individual or a team of 2 to 4, registration was free to contestants and anyone with a creative mind, ideas and concepts were all welcomed to contest.


      The winning team showcasing how the Smart Traffic light operates via his smartphone by just a touch


      The event brought about different professionals and university students to develop better transport means/modes of transport in order to ease public transport and create sustainable mobility.


      • The first team was U2 - Michael Ntimba & Jakob Hornbach:

      The U2 team invented a smart traffic system which was operated via the smartphone. The team explained that this smart traffic system would reduce government expenditure and help reduce traffic jam on Ugandan roads.

      How it works. The smart traffic lights are controlled and given instructions from the control center of any relevant body.

      The U2 team said if fully funded and supported by the Government or Investors, they hope to modernize their system and add different systems to make it smarter than other systems from developed nations like America.

      • In the second position was Auto fuel team – Ngobi Daniel:

      The Auto fuel team invented a smart fuel system which is also aimed at saving time and costs incurred from the fuel industry.



      Together with other prizes and recognition, the best project ( Smart traffic system by U2 team) won an all-paid trip to participate at the Y4PT Global Transport Hackathon, UITP Global Public Transport Summit 20-25 April 2018 | Dubai (United Arab Emirates, Middle East)– the world’s oldest and leading sustainable mobility event.

      Basis of the competition

      The hackathon was a platform to share information on some of the transport challenges the public transportation system is facing, and an opportunity to create possible solutions for these challenges ranging from the ever-growing traffic situation, pollution, pedestrians, cyclists, street cleaning, street parking, garbage collections, infrastructure, road safety and emergency handling.

      The different participating teams came up with various creative output inform of, working prototypes, virtual models (animation, video), graphics (renderings, infographics), simulation models, business and operational models, Mobile Apps, Desktop Apps, Robotics etc.


      The Judging committee

      The judging committee: Mr. Richard Baguma from CISCOT Uganda (left), Mr. Brian Muyomba from Makerere University - Transport department (middle) and Mr. Geoffrey Etyang from CILT Uganda (right)



      The winners together with the judges.


      Other participating teams


      Non-motorized transport project by Drops A mile team


      Auto fuel project by Ngobi Daniel




      The African Mobilities Observatory team with the winning team of the Y4PT Uganda Transport Hackathon


      Group photo of the participating teams in the Y4PT Uganda Transport Hackathon 2018.


      The Transport Hackathon took place on 3rd February 2018 at MUBs - ICT Center, Annex Building Bugolobi in Kampala Uganda.


      Special thanks go to the following for making this event successful:

      1.    Youth For Public Transport - Y4PT

      2.    Fund African Inc.

      3.    Makerere University – (MUBS)

      4.    Laurence Ullmann - MICHELIN

      5.    African Mobilities Observatory - AMO team in East Africa- (Jerry Rawlings Mbabali & Joseph Semuju).


      Source: African Mobilities Observatory - AMO East Africa.


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