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    EmptyTrips, an application connecting transporters to those requiring goods to be moved in South Africa.

    Joseph Semuju

      Filling spaces to places is exactly what South African based startup "EmptyTrips" does.


      It is an online exchange that uses algorithmic directional capacity matching paired with competitive digital auction rooms connecting transporters, brokers and cargo owners.


      Résumé en français: Il s'agit d'un échange en ligne qui utilise la correspondance de capacité directionnelle algorithmique jumelée à des salles d'enchères numériques concurrentielles reliant les transporteurs, les courtiers et les propriétaires de marchandises.



      The platform aims to reduce inefficiency of empty vehicles (trucks, trains, planes and vessels) thereby offering increases in asset yield (utilization), lower transport costs and reduced carbon emissions. The platform offers financial add-on products such as digital cargo insurance, and is currently developing a carbon credit calculator.


      Founded by Benji Coetzee, South African tech startup EmptyTrips is Africa's first digital transport marketplace targeting empty spaces for reduced rates by providing transport platform technology services connecting transporters to those requiring goods to be moved at a discounted rate.


      Available from 2017, EmptyTrips has a number of exciting products already launched, including:

      1. RoadFox (on-demand Road Freight Exchange).
      2. SureFox (on-board Freight Insurance).
      3. AirFox (on-demand Air Freight Exchange).
      4. SeaFox (on-demand Water/Sea Freight Exchange).
      5. RailFOX (on-demand Rail Freight Exchange).
      6. StoreFOX (on-demand warehousing).


      Transportation can be either by Road, Rail, Sea and Air cargo in South Africa and for export.


      According to Benji Coetzee, she believes, “EmptyTrips will be the supernova orchestrator across road, rail, air and sea transport for Africa and beyond.”







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