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    Next generation physical addressing app OkHi - first of its kind in East Africa

    Jerry Rawlings Mbabali

      Image portraying how your location(home gate or office building) is seen by the person you are inviting can be an Uber driver, Jumia product delivery, friends or an ambulance.


      Résumé (summary)

      Fatigué de donner des directions pour vous trouver?

      Stressé avec ces appels "uko wapi" (où êtes-vous)?

      Rencontrez OkHi, une application d'adressage géolocalisé permet aux utilisateurs de géolocaliser leurs emplacements et d'ajouter une photo de leur portail, maison ou bâtiment à côté d'eux. Cela, à son tour, crée une adresse virtuelle qui peut être partagée via un lien (utilisateurs de smartphones) ou un message texte pour ceux qui n'utilisent pas les smartphones.


      Tired of giving directions to find you?
      Stressed out with those "uko wapi" (where are you) phone calls?

      Meet OkHi a location-based addressing app allows users to geo-tag their locations and add a photograph of either their gate, house or building next to them. This, in turn, creates a virtual address that can be shared via a link (smartphone users) or text message for those who do not use smartphones.

      Get people, services, and deliveries to you quickly with easy directions. No more uko wapi (where are you) phone calls!

      The OkHi app enables you to save your home, work and other locations ready to share quickly as easy directions, currently operating in Nairobi, Kenya but with an expected expansion to the rest of the world.

      With this app you'll be able to enjoy fast and trackable delivery from one of their great partners plus order an Uber with high accuracy, request an ambulance with confidence it will find you and much more.

      “We want to give a physical address to the four billion people in the world without one so that they can become included in the world and gain access to life-changing services,” said one of OhKi’s co-founders, Wes Chege.


      OkHi team:

      In 2017, Jerry Rawlings Mbabali, Director at African Mobilities Observatory (Uganda) met with Mr Wes Chege and had a chat about OkHi’s achievements, plans and its impact on the issue of location addressing in Africa and the world at large.


      Achievements of OkHi in 2017:

      • The number of deliveries completed using OkHi reached 100,000.
      • Usage grew fast and they had 5x growth in the last quarter (12.5% week on week) despite the challenges of the Kenyan election cycle.
      • Launched an iOS and Android app that allows anyone, to create & share an OkHi location. Find the app here: okhi.com/app
      • Added ambulance services (Rescue by Flare), courier (Fargo Courier) and a delivery aggregator (Yum) to their existing services.
      • Launched an end-to-end delivery platform to enable businesses to build outstanding delivery services. Get a demo here: okhi.com/business.
      • Filed a patent for a technology that leverages network effects to constantly improve your address and add a breadcrumb trail for places that are not properly mapped.
      • Mapping of Mukuru slum; which proved that OkHi works better in informal settlements than other addressing solutions.




      African Mobilities Observatory - AMO Uganda

      - (Interview)


      Share with us any other application that offers a similar solution to the location addressing issues in Africa!


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