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    PikiWash: Fast taxi-motor eco-friendly cleaning service in Rwanda’s capital, Kigali.

    Joseph Semuju

      PikiWash startup is focused on providing taxi-motor cleaning services that are eco-friendly and time-saving, benefiting those using that mode of transport in Rwanda a country in East African.


      French Résumé: Le démarrage de PikiWash est axé sur la fourniture de services de nettoyage de motocyclettes qui sont écologiques et qui permettent de gagner du temps, ce qui profite à ceux qui utilisent ce mode de transport au Rwanda, un pays d'Afrique de l'Est.


      Kigali City is becoming increasingly fast-paced and its transport services are improving as a result. This comes with an estimate of 30,000 taxi motorbikes in Rwanda most of which are found in the capital yet facilitation services for these ‘taxi motors’ are slow and expensive both in terms of time and cost for many taxi motor operators. But also non eco-friendly.


      With the PikiWash system, it will reduce on road accidents associated with poor motorbike mechanical conditions, as well as reducing on the pollution of the city’s water streams caused by the existing unhygienic motorbike washing operations.


      PikiWash provides a solution to the challenge most operators face in terms of access to modern, effective and efficient motorbike cleaning and basic maintenance services. But majorly offering an eco-friendly motorbike cleaning service intended to realize SDG 11.

      In Conclusion, this is directed to SDG 11, target 11.2, and 11.6.


      According to SDG 11 target 11.2, it states that. “By 2030, provide access to safe, affordable, accessible and sustainable transport systems for all, improving road safety, notably by expanding public transport, with special attention to the needs of those in vulnerable situations, women, children, persons with disabilities and other persons.”


      According to SDG 11 target 11.6, it states that, “By 2030, reduce the adverse per capita environmental impact of cities, including by paying special attention to air quality, municipal and other waste management.”







      By Joseph Semuju

      Community Manager - AMO

      African Mobilities Observatory - AMO, MICHELIN.


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