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    CladLight: A tech startup combating road traffic accidents in Kenya

    Joseph Semuju

      2017 Kenya Police Force study shows that the country loses an average of 3,000 lives through road accidents annually, placing it among countries with the highest road carnage globally.


      Founded in 2013, Nairobi-born CladLight provides motor-bikers and cyclists with smart vests to increase their visibility to vehicle drivers to avoid road accidents.

      What is a CladLight?

      CladLight is a high visibility wear for motorcyclists. It contains bright LED lights, conforming to standard traffic colors: Red - for brakes and Amber - for showing turns & hazards. It is designed to be worn over your favorite riding jacket providing an elevated position for the lights to be clearly visible to other motorists and road users.


      Functionalities that comes with CladLight wearable.

      The vest is equipped with an electronic gadget featuring bright LED lights that clearly show when the rider intends to turn or stop. It is also equipped with a GPS tracker, allowing owners to determine the bike’s location.


      How CladLight benefits cyclers towards road safety

      CladLight5.jpgBe seen always: Other motorists are clearly notified when you want to turn, slow down or indicate hazards.

      All weather use: CladLight concept is both water and dust proof making it fit for use in any weather condition.

      Fits all: With careful design, CladLight comes with adjustable straps for use with your favorite jacket.

      Wireless control: The wireless control system is convenient in wearing as a rider or pillion passenger.




      African Mobilities Observatory - AMO understands that the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal 3, SDG 3, states that: by 2030, “ENSURE HEALTHY LIVES AND PROMOTE WELL BEING FOR ALL AT ALL AGES.

      With the several targets aligned in the SDG 3 as stated above, Kenya’s CladLight is choosing to realize “Target 3.6” of SDG 3. The target states that: “By 2020, halve global deaths and injuries from road traffic accidents


      What come in to your mind as we talk about Road Safety in relation to the UN SDGs?






      By Joseph Semuju

      Community Manager - AMO

      African Mobilities Observatory - AMO, MICHELIN.


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