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    A Ghanaian student invented a water bicycle to improve rural mobility in his communities along rivers

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      Frank riding his water bicycle on the river in his local community in Takoradi, Ghana.



      Un étudiant ghanéen appelé Frank Darko a inventé le premier vélo d’eau en Afrique qui pouvait se déplacer sur l’eau.

      Frank Darko a dit qu’il avait inventé le vélo à eau parce qu’il était attristé par un documentaire vidéo qu’il regardait et qui montrait des jeunes écoliers qui nageaient.

      traverser les rivières pour aller à l'école dans son village.



      English :

      A Ghanaian student called Frank Darko invented the first ever water bicycle in Africa that could move on water.

      Frank Darko said he invented the water bicycle because he was saddened by a video documentary he watched which showed some young school children swimming across the rivers to get to school in his village.

      "I was watching a documentary and I saw school children swimming to cross a river before going to school at the next village. The children had to wait to be dried before wearing their school uniform. They do this every day. When I saw that I said to myself how we can help these children with such an issue. The first solution that came to my mind was the construction of a bridge. That was too expensive for me. I started thinking deep and God finally brought the bicycle idea"

      Frank riding on the river alongside a boat


      Mr Darko said it took him over a year to come up with the invention.

      He revealed that he wanted his invention to help the school children, the sick and other persons who had to swim to school, hospital or markets so as to find an easier path to their destination across the rivers. This fact notwithstanding, he revealed that many individuals have also requested to have him make a copy of the bicycle for them.


      The young inventor revealed that the special bicycle is his first invention but he had drawn up plans for many more inventions. He revealed that his creativity came about as a result of his matchless love for science, technology and the urge to solve day-to-day problems faced by people living in the community.

      Frank at his home during the constructing phase of his water bicycle


      The water bicycle after completion before testing


      Frank said he wanted to contribute to the development of Ghana with his invention. He, however, called on stakeholders and benevolent bodies to invest in his breakthrough invention so as to make the lives of many Ghanaians easy.

      Frank Darko was a final year student at the Takoradi Technical University pursuing a course in Graphics Design but deferred in his final year in school due to financial challenges with lack of school fees.


      After his invention, The Vice-Chancellor, Reverend Professor John Frank Eshun of Takoradi Technical University awarded Frank Darko a full scholarship so as to motivate him to undertake more innovations to solve the challenges in the Ghanaian society and the world at large.


      Frank’s village mates showing off on the water bicycle made by their own son of the land


      The Professor indicated that the University was ready to give scholarships to any student who showed interest and prospects in innovation.

      Rev. Prof. Eshun expressed joy about the invention and said the University would take up the project, in collaboration with the student, to improve it in order for it to stand the test of time.


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