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    AC Group to cover Kenya next with its smart transport system by 2019

    Joseph Semuju

      AC Group ltd is a Hi-tech & ICT company registered under the Rwandan registrar of companies. Started in December 2015, AC Group is a leading provider of smart and interactive IT solutions in Rwanda and Africa especially for the mobility and transport industry.


      The firm facilitates smart transport system in Africa by digitizing public transport payments that enable passengers to board public buses without using hard cash but rather smart cards (Tap&Go payment system).


      Français Résumé: La société facilite le système de transport intelligent en Afrique en numérisant les paiements de transport public qui permettent aux passagers de monter dans des bus publics sans utiliser de liquidités, mais plutôt de cartes à puce.


      It is set to debut into the Kenyan public transport system by starting operations in the country’s capital in the coming months. This will be the third market for the Rwandan firm to venture into after Rwanda and Cameroon where the company enjoys overwhelming success through the Tap&Go digital initiative. African Mobilities Observatory - AMO has learnt.


      Why Tap&Go payment system?

      By digitizing payments in Kigali and Cameroon, the firm has revolutionized city transport eliminating the need for cash which often leads to theft, queues, among other challenges.


      AC Group Milestone with the Tap&Go payment System

      In partnership with the government of Rwanda and bus operators, Tap&Go was put in place to enhance the smart cities agenda in Rwanda and Africa. With the introduction of Tap&Go, Kigali has seen tremendous growth of a safer, clean and accountable public transport system hence attracting more African cities like Yaoundé’.



      The firm’s innovation has served beyond the technology industry and was recently used during the Rwanda International Trade Fair for electronic payments.


      Do you think public transport on the African continent is ready for such a digital initiative? Will it save on people's time and the long queues while boarding???



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      By Joseph Semuju

      Community Manager - AMO

      African Mobilities Observatory - AMO, MICHELIN


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