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    The East Africa Heavy Commercial Vehicle Driver Development Institute’s impact on the increasing road accidents along the Northern Corridor

    Jerry Rawlings Mbabali

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      L’Institut de développement des chauffeurs de véhicules utilitaires d’Afrique de l’Est a été créé par la Kenya Transporters Association grâce au financement et au soutien de USAID-COMPETE. L'EA HCV Driver Development Institute offre aux conducteurs de véhicules utilitaires lourds des compétences supplémentaires et nécessaires pour améliorer la sécurité routière, l'efficacité et réduire les coûts, ainsi que promouvoir la discipline et le professionnalisme du conducteur.


      There has been an increase in commercial truck road accidents along the Northern Corridor in East Africa which has negatively affected the economies of all landlocked nations that heavily depend on this transport corridor to transact businesses both import and export activities. It is not unusual to find trucks that have overturned on the Northern Corridor, which cuts across six East African countries. There are also quite a number of accidents involving heavy commercial vehicles. There are notorious black spots along the corridor in most countries that the highway passes through, such as Salgaa in Kenya and Masaka in Uganda.

      The road accidents have been attributed to unprofessional and non-trained truck drivers in the region which has resulted in numerous losses for traders who use the Northern Corridor to transport their cargo to and fro the Mombasa port.

      A World Health Organization report for the year 2016 on road safety in Kenya indicated that 85% of road accidents occurred due to human error. The East Africa Heavy Commercial Vehicle Driver Development Institute was established by the Kenya Transporters Association through funding and support from USAID-COMPETE. The EA HCV Driver Development Institute provides additional and necessary competence to Heavy Commercial Vehicle Drivers in order to enhance road safety, enhance efficiency and reduce costs, promote driver discipline and professionalism.

      EA HCV Driver Development Institute is envisioned to play a critical role in professionalizing the trucking industry in East Africa. It is envisioned that the school offers advanced driving lessons to new and experienced drivers in East Africa. The lessons taught address issues that truck drivers have to deal with on a daily basis other than the technical aspects only. These include road safety, defensive driving, vehicle maintenance, managing road rage, customer relations, among others.

      It has set standards expected of both truck and bus drivers. It will certify the drivers after intensive training using a simulator as well as practical field driving experiences. The certified drivers will be expected to attend an annual refresher course to maintain their certification and accreditation.

      The East Africa heavy commercial vehicle driver’s training center of excellence will upgrade the skills of regional cross-border heavy commercial vehicle truck drivers and contribute to the sustainability of all the Transport Associations in East Africa.

      Poor driving habits and poor infrastructure are the main causes of the high accident rates on the Northern Corridor. High accident rates increase the cost of insurance and thus the cost of transport on the Northern Corridor. Fatalities have also had a negative impact on the availability of competent drivers and exacerbating transport challenges along the Northern corridor.




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