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    SafeBoda: The Best African Mobile App at the AppsAfrica Awards 2018

    Joseph Semuju

      Moto-taxi ride hailing service; SafeBoda on the 12th of November won the Best Africa App at the AppsAfrica Awards 2018 at an awards ceremony held in Cape Town, South Africa. The app was nominated alongside Farmcrowdy App (Nigeria), Impact Farming App (South Africa), Hey Jude App (South Africa), and Moya Messenger app (South Africa).

      AppsAfrica-Award.jpgThe 4th edition of the AppsAfrica Awards 2018 reported to have received over 300+ submissions from 39 African countries (Uganda inclusive), with solutions launched across all 54 African markets by start-ups, and established ventures. But only one start-up could win in each category.


      What is AppsAfrica Awards?

      The awards recognize innovation and excellence in African mobile and technology across Africa. In addition providing winners with global publicity across multiple channels which in return might bring in more investors/funders for the start-ups.


      What is SafeBoda?
















      SafeBoda Co-Founder; Alastair Sussock in an official statement, said the company was grateful to be honored with the Best African App in Africa. With this we consider that the application is 4 years old and operating in two countries. Kenya and Uganda.


      “We’re so excited and honored to be awarded best app in Africa! There are very many great apps being developed and coming out of Africa and we are seeing African tech growing rapidly so to be chosen out of the many is humbling. I would especially like to thank our engineering team led by our Ghanaian CTO Kirk that are working hard every day to build meaningful solutions for the continent,” said Sussock.


      Area of operation

      SafeBoda currently operates in Uganda and Kenya, as they plan to expand to other countries. The solution was launched in 2014 in Uganda, and for 4 years it leveraged the Uganda moto-taxi ride hailing market before the birth of TaxifyBoda, and UberBoda this year. In July, after months of research, and training riders the service finally expanded to Kenya.


      What next after the awards?

      All winners will be invited to the 3rd annual Africa Tech Summit in Kigali, Rwanda next year. The summit seeks innovative and disruptive solutions to major challenges faced in African countries. This includes; energy access, water, food insecurity, health systems, and governance.


      How is public transport changing with the ICT changing trends in your city, country?







      By Joseph Semuju

      Community Manager - AMO

      African Mobilities Observatory - AMO, MICHELIN

      November 15, 2018


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