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Tuendeni Initiative For Mobility Educative and Interactive Simulations


To produce better clear graphics and animations for video interactive and inclusive mobility simulations and a better learning of the road and traffic regulations hence achieving UN 2015-2030 Agreement Goal 3.

Target “3.6 by 2020 halve global deaths and injuries from road traffic accidents”


Kampala has one of the most poor and half trained but licensed drivers in Uganda. Driving Schools are many in number but are only profit oriented and do not offer required standard driving skills to the different learners. Citizens are often not aware of common road safety regulations such as the procedures to follow when driving around the different road signs and traffic regulations. On the other hand there are many unauthorized parties who are looking out for clients and issue out driving licenses on behalf of the legal authorized body (Uganda Inspectorate of Vehicles).



This is a mobility inclusive graphical initiative that involves modeling simulations and taking control of real world vehicles, including Taxis, Heavy Trucks, Motorcycles, Bikes, and other private and personal vehicles on the different platforms (Android, i OS, Windows, Blackberry among others). You learn how to control these vehicles about the different road signs and traffic rules around Kampala, and use vehicle simulations that can also be used to train professional drivers and other road users. In fact, many drivers must be trained by the respective authorities (Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA), Uganda Revenue Authority (URA), Uganda Inspectorate of Vehicles, Uganda Traffic Police and Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA) etc.) that we look forward to partner with using vehicle simulators before they actually drive and own official driving licenses. This is intended to produce well trained drivers thus reducing poor driving hence controlling traffic, and improved road safety on all sides of the drivers, passengers and pedestrians.


Jerry Rawlings Mbabali laurence Ullmann marie-pascale baye Charlette N'Guessan Désirée N'Guessan Kouamé Sylvestre KOUASSI David Aurelie KOUASSI OBSERVATOIRE DES MOBILITES AFRICAINES